Our company is a member of the Hungarian Horse Tourist Association and received a 5-horseshoe qualification on the last evaluation which is an excellent result even at national level. We raise one of the country’s best sport herd of horses including more than 70 horses. We organize national breeding exhibition, stud show, county and national show jumping competitions on our riding course, equipped with a grandstand of 400 seats, each year. There is high-standard riding education on our horse base with the help of our full-time riders.

Horse-riding is not just an extremely healthy hobby and sport but it also has a well-known healing effect so it is recommended for ill and disabled children, as well.

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Riding with lunge

The trainer controls the movement of the horse by a 4 to 8 metre long lunge. The trainer stands in the middle and the horse runs around him. There is a constant connection among the horse, the rider and the trainer.


Independent riding

The rider guides the horse alone as instructed by the trainer. We call it class riding when more riders ride after a leading ride.

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Countryside riding

Our more experienced riders may wander through the surrounding countryside on horse. They can choose a shorter trip or a longer one lasting for several hours with an escort. The countryside is exceptionally beautiful, the sight of the pheasants and deer is a pleasant amusement in itself.

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Show jumping

Our advanced riders who wish to be occupied with horse-riding more seriously have the opportunity to learn show jumping at a higher level. Our modern riding courses provide excellent training opportunities for the members of our horse club. In the case of horseracing the riders can sign on.


Paid keeping

In spacious stalls we offer our paid keeping service to our clients that meets all of their requirements.

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Other services:

  • Mounted tour on a carriage
  • Leaping
  • Horse sale
  • Camps for children

Our horseback riding services

Questions, booking a lesson: Róbert Eszenyi, 06 70 391 9143

For new horse riders Price
Child, beginner (under 18) HUF 3,500 / 30 minutes
Adult, beginner HUF 4,500 / 30 minutes
Child, beginner (under 18) HUF 7,000 / 60 minutes
Adult, beginner HUF 8,000 / 60 minutes
Child, beginner, package for 10+1 lessons HUF 35,000 / 10+1 lessons/30 minutes
Adult, beginner, package for 10+1 lessons HUF 40,000 / 10+1 lessons/30 minutes
Child, beginner, package for 10+1 lessons HUF 70,000 / 10+1 lessons /60 minutes
Adult, beginner, package for 10+1 lessons HUF 80,000 / 10+1 lessons /60 minutes

The advanced rider saddles up and fits the tack on the horse and removes the saddle and the tack independently. The rider rides the horse independently according to the instructor's instructions.

For advanced riders Price
Advanced class HUF 4,000 / 60 minutes
Advanced package for 10+1 lessons HUF 40,000 / 10+1 lessons /60 minutes
Exercises above the pole, preparation of jumping HUF 5,000 / hour