Aromatic beauty treatment

It is more than a charming hour while you let our professional’s hands massage your skin engulfed in the wonderful scents of the essential oils from your head to the tip of your toes. After the careful body scrubbing and from the beneficial effects of the steam bath the skin’s pores open and the active ingredients of the massage oils, that match your requirements most, produce a stronger effect during the massage. The exotic scents touch your soul, your body relaxes and will be filled with beneficial energy. The treatment ends with an essential face mask which makes the skin flexible and fills it with energy. After the treatment your skill will be very soft and full of life.

Rejuvenating treatment

During the first 10 minutes of the treatment your wrinkles get smoother as if a miracle had happened. The big secret is the tiny ball. It brings concentrated active ingredients into the skin on the one hand, and while massaging the wrinkles it regenerates the loose connective tissues, smoothes and fills the wrinkle, on the other hand. After that the beautician gives a regenerating and vitalizing massage which relaxes the face’s muscles, softens the features and refreshes the face. Then, the treatment’s key part, the sea collagen mask is applied on the face which is removed after 20 minutes. The wrinkles reduce, the skin will be wonderfully smooth and you will look much younger. This a complete renewal for the skin of your face.

Skin renewing treatment

The beautifying and peeling treatment removes the dead skin cells which prevent the skin from breathing freely and helps the new cells shine. The mask rich in vitamin C, applied during the treatment, gives back the skin’s flexibility and reduces the pigment patches.

We plan and hold your hen party

In harmony with your special requirements our wellness unit will host your private party which may be the beginning of a funny night out. Our exclusive venue with a pleasant atmosphere provides you with everything you need before the big day.

Massages, baths, body treatments and a friendly atmosphere. We always pay special attention to the bride who receives an absolutely special treatment.

The other members of the group get 10% discount from each of our treatments.

Please call us to discuss the details: +36 42 501 210 / extension 308.