Our trained therapeutic masseurs use their hands as “instruments” to improve the well-being of our guests and to positively affect their health status. The massage has a relaxing and, at the same time, invigorating effect on the tissues and the muscles, revitalizes the blood supply, and restores the functions of the skin and the lymph flow.

Our massage services can be used by prior appointment. Please make an appointment at the reception, preferably 24 hours before using the service.

We warmly welcome our guests!

The colleagues of the Wellness & Spa

Our massages

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage consists of various movements: stroking, rubbing, kneading, light hitting and vibrating, each of them has a therapeutic effect. The primary effect of the Swedish massage is that is improves the local circulation. It increases the venous blood’s backflow which reduces the heart’s load. Another result of the improved blood supply is that the skin’s flexibility and the muscles’ blood supply increases, moreover, it is advantageous for the respiratory centre and the vegetative nervous system. It improves the fullness of blood and the metabolism, and, as a result, the patient will feel fine and healthy.

Medicinal massage

The objective of the medicinal massage is to improve the blood supply of the problematic parts, to provide local pain-killing and regenerate the motility. With the help of the medicinal massage the healing from certain diseases of the organs of locomotion can be quickened up and the dependence on the medicinal treatment can be reduced. The oil used for massaging increases the pain-killing effect and helps to regenerate the motility.

Sports massage

In this type of massage the purpose is to achieve the muscles’ best condition and to reduce the chance of injuries to a minimum so it is made by hitting and stretching movements. It is suitable to reduce the muscle pains after competitions. It is ideal before sports, before and after trainings.

Foot massage

The massage of the sole’s reflex zones is an ancient method to prevent illnesses and to provide additional therapy. As our organs are connected to certain zones of the feet the zones’ massaging produces a reflex-type response on the respective part of the body. It facilitates the functions of certain organs, relives the overloading of other areas and helps to resolve the energy blocks.

Revitalizing and refreshing massage

In the case of revitalizing massage, due to the energetic kneading and rubbing, the muscles relax and their blood supply improves. The massage fills the body and soul with new energy.

Body shaping and fat burning massage

It helps to get rid of the fat-pads at the problem areas (abdomen, bottom, thighs). The masseur, by using the tricks of the Swedish massage “breaks” the fat cells with strong movements and massages a special fat burning cream into the problem zones which increases the body shaping effect.

Relaxing massage

A massage consisting of slightly caressing, rubbing and small all-round kneading movements which help to fight the accumulated tension and stress. The massage is performed with special oils so not just the touches heal but also the absorbing materials. The pure plant aromas relieve the stress and cramps, they relax the nervous system, too.

Synchronous massage

It is a special feeling when four practiced hands massage the whole body with a special technique. It is a mixture of the Swedish massage and the aroma therapy massage, it gives absolute refreshment to you. While you are preoccupied with the dance of the hands, your muscles relax and you forget all your troubles.

Life is nice with your partner

Is there anyone who has never had bad feelings and doubts about the massage? Strange person, strange place, I have to strip off and so on. This is a great opportunity to get rid of such bad feelings. In the presence of your partner, dear acquaintance or friend, who will accompany you for an unforgettable event, you may lose your inhibition completely. Choose any of our massages or treatments in couple as life is nice with your partner!

Massage for expectant mothers

The massage made during the pregnancy gives the opportunity for future mothers to relax completely, to ease the frequent backaches and relieve stress. The concavity of the waist is increased during pregnancy to balance the protruding belly. That is why the massage for expectant mothers eases the pains and helps them to relax. The massage may only be used after the third months’ of pregnancy when the unborn baby is already strong enough.

Aroma oil massage

Aroma therapy is an ancient method, the old Egyptian doctors used already the essential oils extracted from the various plants to cure. The primary objective of the aroma therapy is to revitalize and clean the body and the spirit. It consists of inhaling, bathing in essential oils and the massage made with such oils. The aromatic oils are absorbed by the skin and the tissues easily due to the light, caressing massage and their scents affect the senses. This special massage detoxifies the lymphatic system and serves the balance of the body and soul. By this method several complaints can be eased: symptoms caused by stress, migraine, some skin changes or anxiety.

Stress relieving massage

The almost one hour complex massage harmonizes the energies of the body, the soul and the spirit, and recovers their balance.

Massage prices

Massage types Period Price
Head and face 30 min.   8.400 HUF
Back, shoulders, neck 30 min.   8.000 HUF
Footmassage 30 min.   9.000 HUF
Swedish massage 30 min.
60 min.
  9.000 HUF
14.000 HUF
Medicinal massage 30 min.
60 min.
  9.000 HUF
14.000 HUF
Body shaping and fat burning massage - all body 60 min. 14.000 HUF
Revitalizing and refreshing massage with oil 30 min.
60 min.
10.000 HUF
15.000 HUF
Revitalizing and refreshing massage with creme 30 min.
60 min.
  9.000 HUF
14.000 HUF
Massage for expectant mothers 30 min.   8.000 HUF
Stress relieving massage 60 min. 16.000 HUF
Hot stone massage 30 min.
60 min.
12.000 HUF
19.800 HUF
Aroma oil massage 30 min.
60 min.
12.000 HUF
19.800 HUF
Relaxing massage 30 min.
60 min.
  9.000 HUF
14.000 HUF

Bath prices

Bath types Period Price
Aroma bath 25 min. 6.000 HUF
Dead Sea salt bath 25 min. 6.400 HUF
Heavenly flower bath 25 min. 6.000 HUF

Body treatments

Body peeling

Body scrubbing
Scrubbing the body can remove the dead epithelial cells from the skin surface and improve the blood supply of the skin tissue. After scrubbing the skin with a mixture of wet, special particles, and showering, we wrap the whole body in a warm pack. It is a skin beautifying, detoxifying, and circulation improving treatment.

  • Price: 7.000 HUF / 20 min.

Clay treatment

Clay treatment for skin beautifying and for rheumatic complaints
Black natural mineral clay from the Dead Sea. The combination of these minerals eases the arthritis, the pain in the muscles and the abrasions. It reduces the morning tiredness which is mainly a problem for those suffering from polyarthritis. Moreover, this special combination helps to clean and protect the skin from the harmful everyday contamination and from the effects of the sun.

  • Price: 12.000 HUF/ 30 min.


Aromatic Spa slimming treatment
Even after the first treatment you will feel the following results: lightness, smoother skin, a tighter, prettier and slenderer body. Due to the dehydrating effect of the “cold” pack the water stuck in the tissues leaves the body and your legs will be slimmer. Each slimming treatment ends with a 20-minute massage. The favourable effects of the essential oils guarantee good mood and help our guests to get slimmer and detoxify their tissues.

  • Price: 30.000 HUF/ 90 min.

The course of the treatment

More than a relaxing hour, while you entrust yourself to the massaging hands of our specialist, and enjoy the magic scent of the essential oils from head to toe.

After the gentle body scrubbing, and thanks to the beneficial effects of the steam bath, the pores of the skin open and the active ingredients in the massage oils, that are most suitable for your needs, produce a multiple effect during the massage. The exotic fragrances pamper your soul; your body relaxes and is filled with beneficial energy.

Near the end of the treatment, an essential facial mask is applied, which makes the skin elastic and energizes it. The treatment makes your skin incredibly soft and full of life.

The course of the treatment

  • Cleansing the face
  • Facial and body scrub, taking a shower
  • Steam bath for 15 minutes
  • Facial and body massage
  • Skin firming facial mask