General terms of contract

1. Data of the Service Provider

Újmajori Szabadidőpark Turisztikai Szolgáltató Korlátolt Felelőségű Társaság ((Újmajori Leisure Park Tourist Service Provider Limited Liability Company)
Abbreviated name: Újmajori Szabadidőpark Kft.
Seat: H-1055 Budapest, Stollár Béla Street 4, Ground-floor no. 5
Company registry number: 01-09-983750
VAT number: 23910481-2-41

1. Hotel Pagony**** Wellness & Conference
Telephone: +36-42/501-210
Fax: +36-42/501-211

2. General rules

2.a These "General Business Conditions" regulate the employment of the accommodation and services of the Service Provider.

2.b No special, individual terms and conditions are part of the communicated General Business Conditions.

2.c The General Business Conditions do not exclude the conclusion of particular covenants with travel agents, package tour operators with different conditions per cases, corresponding to the type of business.

3. Contractual party

3.a The services rendered by the Service Provider are employed by the Guest.

3.b If the Guest gives the order for the services to the Service Provider directly, the Guest shall be the Contractual Party. If the conditions are met, the Service Provider and the Guest together become contractual parties (hereinafter referred to as Parties).

3.c If the order for the services is given to the Service Provider by a third person on behalf of the Guest (hereinafter referred to as Mediator), the terms and conditions of the co-operation shall be regulated by a contract concluded between the Service Provider and the Mediator. In this case the Service Provider is not obliged to examine whether the third person represents the Guest lawfully.

4. Conclusion of the Contract, the manner and modification of booking, obligation to notify

4.a At the inquiry of the Guest sent orally or in writing the Service Provider sends an offer. If no concrete order is placed maximum within 48 hours from sending the offer, the Service Provider shall not be bound by the offer.

4.b The Contract is concluded with the confirmation of the Guest’s oral or written booking sent by the Service Provider in writing and thus it shall be considered a Contract concluded in writing. Oral booking, agreement, modification or its oral confirmation by the Service Provider shall not be deemed contract.

4.c The Contract on the employment of the accommodation service is valid for a definite period. If the Guest finally leaves the hotel prior to the expiration of the definite period, the Service Provider shall be entitled to receive the total consideration for the service included in the Contract. The Service Provider is entitled to sell the room that becomes vacant prior to date again. For the prolongation of the accommodation service initiated by the Guest the prior consent of the Service Provider is necessary. In this case the Service Provider may stipulate the payment of the fee of the service already rendered.

4.d For the modification and/or supplementation of the Contract a written agreement signed by the Parties is necessary.

5. Conditions of cancellation

5.a If the Service Provider has not determined another condition in the offer, the accommodation service can be cancelled without any contractual penalty until the 4th day before the day prior to the arrival, 4.00 p.m. as per local time.

5.a 1 If the Service Provider has not determined another condition in the offer, in the case of cancellation on the 1st - 3rd day before the day prior to arrival 50% of the accommodation service shall be payable.

5.a 2 If the Service Provider has not determined another condition in the offer, in the case of booking cancelled on the date of arrival, in the case of booking that has not been cancelled and in the case of NO SHOW 100% of the accommodation fee shall be payable as contractual penalty.

5.a. 3 If the Contractual Party has not secured the employment of the accommodation services by advance payment, credit card guarantee or in other manner set forth in the Contract, the obligation of the Service Provider to render services shall stop to exist on the 2nd day before the day prior to the arrival, after 4.00 p.m. as per local time.

5.a. 4 If the Contractual Party secured the employment of the accommodation services by advance payment, credit card guarantee or in other manner set forth in the Contract and he/she fails to arrive on the date of arrival until 24.00 o’clock as per local time or he/she fails to indicate his/her later arrival in advance, the Service Provider shall enforce contractual penalty of the amount determined in the Contract but at least equal to the amount of the accommodation fee for one day. In this case the accommodation shall be reserved to the Contractual Party until 12.00 o’clock on the day following the date of arrival then the obligation of the Service Provider to render services stop to exist.

5.b In the case of booking products bound to special conditions, discounts, group travels or events the Service Provider shall stipulate different conditions set forth in a specific Contract.

6. Prices

6.a The prices of the rooms of the hotel operated by the Service Provider (Rack Rate) are displayed in the hotel room or at the hotel’s reception. The price lists of other services are available in the given hotel units (restaurant, wellness).

6.b The Service Provider is entitled to change the advertised prices freely, without preliminary notification.

6.c When the prices are announced, the Service Provider indicates the statutory extent of the tax content of the prices (VAT, tourist tax*), valid at the time of making the offer. The Service Provider shall devolve the additional charges due to the modification of the effective tax code (VAT, tourist tax*) to the Contractual Party with a preliminary notice. *Tourist tax: Its extent depends on the hotel’s location, its amount is determined by the local government.)

6.d The current allowances, discounts and other offers are advertised on our websites (

7. Method of payment, guarantee

7.a The Service Provider claims the consideration of the services rendered to the Contractual Party no later than until the service’s employment, prior to leaving the hotel but in a particular agreement subsequent payment also may be allowed.

7.b In order to guarantee the service’s employment and the payment of the consideration as per the Contract, the Service Provider:

7.b.1 may request credit card guarantee (50% of the total amount), when the consideration of the ordered and confirmed service is blocked on the credit card,

7.b.2 may request advance payment for a part of the amount payable or for the total amount.

7.c Contractual Party can pay the invoice in HUF and/or

7.c.1 in any currency declared accepted by the Service Provider. In this case conversion and invoicing is made at the daily exchange rate of the Bank managing the Service Provider’s bank account, determined by the service provider on the day when the Guest arrives.

7.c.2 The Service Provider accepts cashless means of payment (credit card, Széchenyi Relaxation Card and pursuant to an individual contract gift voucher, voucher, etc.) as well, the current valid list of which is made available to the Contractual Party, if requested. As regards this issue, in the case of booking it is recommended to the Contractual Party to clarify the possibility of paying by the chosen cashless means.

7.d The costs related to the application of any method of payment shall be borne by the Contractual Party.

8. The manner and conditions of the service’s employment

8.a Guests can occupy the hotel room from 2.00 p.m. on the day of arrival (Check in) and they are obliged to leave it on the last day of their stay, until 10:00 a.m. (Check out).

9. Refusal to fulfil the contract, termination of the obligation to render services

9.a The Service Provider shall be entitled to terminate the Contract on rendering accommodation service with immediate effect and to refuse to render the services in the following cases:

9.a.1 The Guest does not use the room assigned to him/her or the facility according to the intended use.

9.a.2 The Guest behaves towards the safety, rules and employees of the accommodation in objectionable, rude manner, he/she is under the influence of alcohol or drugs, he/she behaves in a threatening, abusive or other unacceptable manner.

9.a.3 The Guest suffers from any catching disease.

9.a.4 The Contractual Party fails to meet his/her advance payment liability stipulated in the Contract by the set deadline.

9.b If the Contract concluded between the parties is not fulfilled due to a "force majeure" reason, the contract terminates.

9.c The Guest behaves in a way that does not correspond to the hotel’s policy.

10. Accommodation guarantee

10.a If the Service Provider’ hotel is not able to render the services contained in the due to their own fault (such as over-booking, temporary problems in operation, etc.), the Service Provider is obliged to provide for the Guest’s accommodation immediately.

10.b The Service Provider is obliged to:

10.b.1 ensure/offer the services contained in the Contract, at the prices confirmed therein and for the term stipulated therein, or until the hindrance stops to exist, in another hotel of the same or of a higher category. All of the additional costs related to the provision of the replacing accommodation shall be borne by the Service Provider.

10.b.2 ensure possibility to the Guest to make one free-of-charge phone call in order to announce the change of accommodation.

10.b.3 to ensure free-of-charge transfer to the Guest in order to move to the offered replacing accommodation and for the incidental later return.

10.c If the Service Provider completes these obligations to the full and if the Guest accepts the replacing accommodation offered to him/her, the Contractual Party is not entitled to file a subsequent claim for compensation.

11. Illness, death of the guest

11.a If during the employment of the accommodation service the Guest gets ill and he/she is not able to act in his/her own behalf, the Service Provider shall offer medical attendance.

11.b In the case of the Guest’s illness/death the Service Provider shall claim compensation of costs from a relative, heir of the ill/deceased person or from the person paying his/her invoices as regards the incidental medical and procedural costs, the costs of the services employed prior his/her death and the incidental damages occurred in the equipments, fixtures  in connection with the illness/death.

12. The rights of the Contractual Party

12.a In accordance with the Contract the Guest is entitled to the proper use of the ordered room and the hotel’s facilities that belong to the usual scope of service and are not subject to special conditions.

12.b In connection with the services offered by the Service Provider the Guest is entitled to file a complaint while he/she is staying at the hotel. The Service Provider assumes obligation to deal with complaints forwarded to them (or recorded in minutes) in certified manner during this period, in writing.

12.c The Guest’s right to lodge complaints stops to exist when he leaves the hotel.

13. The obligations of the Contractual Party

13.a The Contractual Party is obliged to pay the consideration for the services ordered in the Contract by the date and in the manner stipulated in the Contract.

13.b The Guest ensures that the child under the age of 14 for that he/she is liable stays at the hotel of the Service Provider only under the control of an adult and the parent shall bear full liability for the damages caused by the child.

13.c The sauna and the vapour bath of the hotel’s wellness unit cannot be visited by children due to health reasons, in connection with this the parents shall be liable for the custody of the children.

13.d The Guest is not allowed to bring own food and drink to the hotel’s catering units.

14. The Contractual Party’s liability to compensate damages

The Guest shall be liable for all the damages and detriments suffered by the Service Provider or by a third person through the fault of the Guest or his/her attendant or other persons for that he/she is liable. This liability exists also when the injured party is entitled to claim compensation for damages directly from the Service Provider.

15. The rights of the Service Provider

If the Guest fails to meet the liability to pay the fee of the employed services or of the services subject to contractual penalty, ordered in the Contract but has not been employed, in order to secure the claims the Service Provider shall be entitled to right of pledge on the things personal of the Guest taken to the hotel.

16. The obligations of the Service Provider.

The Service Provider shall be obliged to:

16.a Render the accommodation and other services ordered under the contract according to the valid regulations and service standards.

16.b Examine the Guest’s written complaint and to take the measures necessary for the handling of the problem which he is obliged to record in writing as well.

17.The Service Provider’s liability to compensate damages

17.a.1 Service Provider takes responsibility for all the damages suffered by the Guest within his facilities due to the fault of the Service Provider or his employees.

17.a.2 The Service Provider’s liability does not cover the damages that occur due to an unavoidable reason beyond the scope of the Service Provider’s employees and guests or that  are caused by the guest.

17.a.3 The Service Provider may designate such places at the hotel where the Guest is not allowed to enter. The Service Provider shall not bear liability for the incidental damages and injuries occurring at these places.

17.a.4 The hotel’s wellness unit is used at the Guest’s own liability. On the areas near the water the danger of slipping is increased, the hotel shall not bear liability for the accidents resulted from this.

17.a.5 The Guests have to report the damages suffered by them immediately at the hotel and they have to give every necessary data to the hotel for the clarification of the incidence of loss, perhaps for the taking of the police minutes / police procedure.

17.b The Service Provider takes responsibility also for the damage suffered by the overnight Guest due to the loss, destruction or damage of his/her assets if the Guest placed them at the place designated by the Service Provider or at the place generally ordered for this purpose or in the safe of his/her room or that have been delivered to such employees of the Service Provider that he/she may have consider entitled to take his/her assets over. The Service Provider shall be liable for valuables, securities and cash only if they have expressly taken the object over for custody or if the damage has occurred due to such a reason for which they are liable according to the general rules. In this case the Guest is obliged to give evidence.

18. Force majeure

Such a cause or circumstance (such as war, fire, flood, unfavourable weather conditions, absence of current, strike), over which the party does not have control (force majeure), exempts either party from the completion of their obligations originating from the Contract while the reason or circumstance exist. Parties agree to make every effort in order to reduce the possibility of the occurring of such reasons and circumstances to the lowest possible level and to recover the caused damage or delay as soon as possible.

19. Secrecy

During the completion of the services contained in the Contract the Service Provider shall be obliged to act according to statutory provisions of Act LXIII of 1992 on the protection of the personal data and on the publicity of the data of public interest and of the statutes relating to data protection as well as according to the relevant internal rules of the Contractual Party if the Contractual Party informed the Service Provider about these.