Our Park is connected to a bicycle route. Of course, you can rent bicycles in our Park to use this great opportunity.



Jogging really works miracles. You will be happier and overcome the obstacles in each area of your life. Regular jogging is healthy: it strengthens the heart and the circulation, it increases the mass of the muscles, and burns fat. Jogging is absolutely refreshing so start it right now! If you have not done sports for a long time give your joints and ligaments time to get used to the load. Don’t you like jogging alone? We will find a jogging partner for you, jogging in a group makes more fun.



The Hotel’s two tennis courts are equipped with automatic sprinkling systems and satisfy all the demands. Tennis strengthens the arms and legs perfectly, also the waist and the hip take part in the sport. Moreover, it develops the physical condition and the ability of concentration. During an hour’s game our body burns 400 calories.


Table tennis

This excellent sport is suitable for all age-groups. It improves the physical condition and strengthens the muscles of the arms and of the upper part of the body effectively. We burn 250 to 300 calories with one hour ping-pong playing.


Swinging bowling

The purpose of this game is to knock down as many pins with the 2.8 kg ball swinging on a rope as possible. A very interesting game, it requires physical fitness and good concentration.


Tai Chi

The art of “shadow boxing” has a history of about 2,000 years. The purpose of the exercises is to create the harmony of the adverse forces, the Jin and Jang, to achieve the inner balance and vitality. The workout originating from the traditional Chinese medicine is composed of the meditative elements and movements of the self-defence called shadow boxing. The continuous and strong movements start the flowing of the human energy, the qi (chi), ease the complaints and cure illnesses. Tai chi is perfectly suitable to improve and maintain the physical fitness, each age-group can learn it easily. It is not recommended for people suffering from knee problems (meniscus injury, injury or wear of the ligaments) or from hip troubles.