This is a new science of the quality of life. It means harmony for the body and soul, a sport-oriented lifestyle, physical activity during the whole life and good general condition. The recreation available in Pagony helps the recreation and the refreshing of the person whose nerves and body are tired. The park itself affects our senses, the green colour calms our eyes, the whispering of the foliage and the birdsongs calm our hearing and we get rid of the pulsating noise of the city. Our nasal organ feels the scent of the flowers and the lawn, while our sensing organs feel the climatic effects. In Pagony the active recreation, walking, games and sports are added to the effects of this passive recreation. The result of the general effects is that the few hours spent among these plants refresh our spirit and physical body. It is worthy to mention that the Park’s buildings are accessible so they serve the needs of the disabled using wheelchairs and the mothers with prams, too.

Our objective is to motivate people to do leisure time sports and exercises, to follow a healthy lifestyle which refreshes them and improve their ability to work. Moreover, we wish to counterbalance the everyday harms of the schoolchildren and students, to strengthen their physical strength, morals and will.