SPA „Treatment by water”


SPA „Treatment by water”


Wellness pool

Our wellness pool does not only refresh our body but also our soul. The wellness elements built into the pool will stir up the parts of our body and improve our circulation. The temperature of the pool’s water is 30 Celsius degree.


Children’s pool

In our funny-coloured children’s pool the children can splatter safely and use this great opportunity to play. We fill the children’s pool by water which is a few degrees warmer than the body temperature.



The water jets built into the Jacuzzi massage the body slightly and improve the circulation. With the bubble and whirl of water it refreshes and relaxes the guests effectively. The water’s temperature is pleasantly warm, 35 to 38 Celsius degrees.


Wellness shower

Our guests can refresh themselves under the various wellness showers depending on their mood. They can choose from stronger or lighter water jets or the tropic rain shower with a fitting scent. Thunder or birdsong, they choose whatever they want.


Steam chamber

The high moisture content (70 to 100%) in our steam chamber creates an especially relaxing climate while the temperature does not exceed 50 Celsius degrees. The steam bath helps us to maintain our health and beauty, and facilitates the recreation and relaxation. With the use of the steam bath asthma, rheumatism, asperity of voice, muscle pain and other circulation disorders can be treated.


Finnish sauna

Due to the high temperature (80 to 100 Celsius degrees) in the sauna the pores open and the toxins leave the skin and the organism through sweating easily. The regular taking of sauna is a perfect programme to relieve stress. Its use is not recommended for people suffering from peripheral circular disorders (varicose veins) and heart disease.



Aroma bath

We add herbs as infusion, brew or essential oils to the bath’s water. During the treatment we use the favourable physiological effects of the herbs. Besides their calming, refreshing or relaxing effects the herbs detoxify the body and improve the circulation.


Dead Sea salt bath

The deepest continental place is found at the Dead Sea, 400 meters under the sea level. The Dead Sea is famous for its endowment that the persons bathing in its water do not sink but float on the water’s surface. This strange phenomenon is due to the fact that the sea’s salt content is 32.8% while of other seas it is 2 to 3%. Therefore no creature is able to live in the Dead Sea. The water is extremely healthy. The solved bromide relaxes the nerves, the magnesium has favourable effects on the skin, the iodine is good for the glands. The treatment, due to the natural cleansing effect of the Dead Sea salt crystals, detoxifies the skin and the whole body. The minerals in the salt facilitate the metabolism, improve the skin’s moisture-holding and oxygen-taking effect and so the skin will be smooth and youthful. Moreover, the salt bath is favourable for patients with joint problems and rheumatism.


Heavenly flower bath

A bath for the beauty of the body and soul. The elixir composed of special flower oils and living flower petals hydrate the skin and make it soft. It caresses the soul and makes the tiredness disappear, brings calmness and helps you to relax. It is a very effective method to treat depression.