FITNESS Services



• It has a positive effect, among others, on the cardiovascular system, the lungs’ capacity, the arterial pressure and the muscles of the legs
• CPR system to keep the heart rate at a constant rate
• Adjustable incline
• Silent motor
• Professional display: speed, incline, distance, calorie, time, pulse
• Soft Jump vibration absorption system which feels like running on grass • Safety stop


The only professional cross trainer-machine. The workout with Cross Forma develops the muscles of the upper and lower body, consuming more energy than any other exercise.

Bike with a backrest

Its design is characterized by a perfect balance of shapes, colours, and materials. The ergonomic surface, which is created from revolutionary new materials, is extremely comfortable and pleasant to touch. Thanks to the adjustable backrest, you can cycle without straining your back muscles and spine. The Recline Forma strengthens the muscles of the upper leg; its use is especially recommended for those who prefer comfortable cardiovascular workout.

Stair Stepper

The professional stair stepper is ideal to strengthen the muscles of the legs and the gluteal muscles; it is excellent for cardiovascular workout. The independent moving of the footrests is ideal to develop balance and coordination. It has fat burning and body shaping effect. The CPR training method makes it easier to develop your exercise plan for a constant pulse.

Abdominal muscle strengthening machine

• This machine allows increased abdominal muscle workout with the help of the hip flexors.
• Designed with the biomechanical analysis used to develop the Biostrength ® product line.
• The innovative moving arm ensures complete stability without adjustment.
• The backrest holds the pelvis stably and isolates the abdominal muscles.


MediBall or Rouliqiu, as it is called in Chinese, combines the traditional racket sports’ treatment with the internal power of Tai Chi Chuan. The racket consists of a rubber surface with a sand-filled ball attached. The point of the movements made during the game is to prevent the ball from hitting the racket, but to follow the motion of the racket by using the power of Tai Chi to create circular movements. When the ball reaches the racket, this circular motion does not only accelerate the ball, but it sticks to the racket while the movements are made. The game can be played under any conditions: it is not bound to time, place, or weather; it can be played outdoors, in a small room or anywhere. You follow the movement of the ball by swinging the racket; you do not stir up the air, so the wind force does not affect the path of the racket or the ball.


Like any martial art, Tai Chi places a strong emphasis on bringing the internal energies to surface without using external forces. It is soft and gentle. Each movement should be done smoothly, slowly and steadily. At the end of the exercise, although you may be sweating profoundly, there are no signs of wheezing or heavy breathing. You do not feel tired, but pleasantly relaxed. This is why Tai Chi is considered to be the ideal body-fitness exercise, which is recommended for everyone regardless of age, gender, or physique, but especially for the ones with poor health and the ones suffering from chronic diseases. However, it is important to emphasize that though Tai Chi seems easy, there is hard work behind the soft movements. People often compare it to "steel wrapped into cotton wool”.