Pagony restaurant


„For the success of real gastronomy, beyond the gastronomic skills, great humanity,
the various knowledge of the appetites and the best choice of the spiritual mood are all necessary.”
Gyula Krúdy

Our restaurant provides continuous service with an extensive menu for everyone, not only for our hotel guests. Our rich menu includes the specialties of our house and regional meals too; we take great care over the cooking. We recommend the favourite wines of Hungary from the various wine regions to accompany the dishes. From spring to autumn our guests can enjoy the nature, a 100-seat terrace is connected directly to the restaurant with a view to the tennis court and football field. To accompany good mode and amusement we recommend the highest quality draught beer.

Our guests can choose from various venues of Pagony to hold their events, a family event, a party for friends or a business meeting. The events are always managed by our highly-skilled colleagues to guarantee the success of your event.

Pagony restaurant offers our guests a wellness menu including vegetarian dishes, fresh vegetables rich in plant fibres, fruit, and meals made from white meats and fishes of low cholesterol content, wholegrain flour and other wheat, and low-fat diary products. The wellness cuisine is characterized by the careful choice of raw materials, the moderate use of spices, and we substitute spices with fresh herbs to achieve the proper taste.